Red Brick Consulting

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Who is Red Brick Consulting?


We are a company that works to generate the best solutions to the baking industry, optimizing resources and developing innovative and profitable concepts

Through a deep knowledge of the baking industry (ingredients, processes, equipment…), Red Brick Consulting is answering real business challenges for our clients

"Our bakery has progressively grown 18-20% per year and we dedicate it all to Didier Rosada’s incredible knowledge and capacity to help our business and employees.

I truly recommend Didier for any baking business, small or large, that wants to excel and surpass all expectations! "

S.Sacagiou, Douce France Bakery


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Why working with Red Brick Consulting?

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In addition to developing the best product lines adapted to your market, Red Brick Consulting will help your company improve production efficiency, quality and consistency to maximize the profitability of your business.


For further information on how we could customize the consulting experience to your needs, please contact us today.