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A baking book in Spanish written in an easy to understand language for the Latin American community of bakers.

This book is designed to explain step by step the traditional baking process as well as the latest trends in the baking world such as par-baking or functional breads.

With more than 200 pictures and diagrams to assist into the learning experience, 36 formulas for classic, specialty and functional breads, this book will bring the foundations and advanced baking knowledge for the professional bakers or the dedicated enthusiasts.

Didier Rosada is a baker/instructor with more than 25 years of experience in baking, teaching and consulting around the world. He is also the winner of many baking awards.

Juan Manuel Martinez is a miller/baker from Colombia with an extensive knowledge of the milling and flour technology.

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Pan Sabor y Tradición:
Didier Rosada – Juan Manuel Martínez

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