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"Didier aided us with our transition from baking artisan bread in a rack oven to using a deck oven. Not only did he teach our staff how to operate and achieve better results with our new 40,000 pound monster, he also aided in the changeover of our complicated approach of blending many different flours and sour dough’s, trying to achieve what we thought was “the perfect loaf”. Didier also helped us simplify our formulas, by adjusting the preferment’s, reducing our use of many flours, and helping us understand the role of fermentation better and eliminating our “mad scientist” way of baking.

 I was fortunate to work with Didier on the 2002 US Baking Team. He was the coach of the team. As  “the bread baker” of the team, he taught me the value of fermentation, and how to extract the most flavor, out of each of our breads using fermentation. Our 2nd place finish is a testament to his knowledge and training.

 When the 2005 baking team was being selected, Didier and I offered to help.  Again, his knowledge of the baking process, and most important his gift of teaching was the main reason the team took home the Gold.

 The growth of our artisan bread program, and the success I had in competitions truly leads back to Didier’s leadership and expertise.

 It has been 15 years, since Didier helped me on the 2002 baking team, and he has not lost his enthusiasm, for baking. I have met so many people he has trained, helped and consulted for, who all have the same opinion of him. He is a true gift to the artisan bread industry".

Tim Foley
Bit of Swiss, Bread+bar



"We started our wholesale bakery small in late 1996,producing and delivering our breads and breakfast pastries to Central Florida businesses.

When we decided to contract Didier Rosada in 2007, we were in the process of constructing our 11,000 sq ft building.  In a glance, he redesigned the production area to be sure it had a good flow.  We were so thankful as mistakes could have been very costly.

Ever since that time, Didier has come to our facility every semester.  He helps us tremendously in every aspect of our business; production efficiency, new & reformulating recipes, labor and food costs, upcoming trends, and setting attainable objective and goals. 

Our bakery has progressively grown 18-20% per year and we dedicate it all to Didier Rosada’s incredible knowledge and capacity to help our business and employees.  He is so efficient in the small time frame that he is here, that it still astonishes us.  He is also very personable and everyone respects him.

I truly recommend Didier for any baking business, small or large, that wants to excel and surpass all expectations!"

Sophie Sacagiu
President, Douce France Bakery


"Un gran reconocimiento al equipo de Red Brick Consulting  con quien hemos  trabajado desde el año 2008 desde las capacitaciones básicas de la panificación así como el desarrollo de  productos tradicionales y de vanguardia.

Siempre demostrando un gran profesionalismo y una gran facilidad de adaptación transmitiendo sus conocimientos de una manera sencilla y clara.

También la combinación del conocimiento teórico y práctico fue de gran ayuda al momento de poder arrancar producciones reales en piso o línea permitiendo una notable  reducción de la curva de aprendizaje."

Chef Marc Misseri Bastide
Director de Innovación y Calidad
El Globo (Grupo Bimbo) y La Balance

"Didier Rosada is a world renown baker but most importantly one of the most knowledgeable experts in the artisan bread baking industry.

His job as a consultant is extraordinary. He is professional in every aspect of his job, his attention to detail is superb and his ability to communicate and mentor his peers is outstanding.

Our company is grateful to Didier for his many contributions to our team. He constantly motivates us to improve our game and grow as a business. He is truly a great professional, hard worker and most importantly he is a great human being."   

Carlos Pereira
Bon Breads Baking Co

"Didier Rosada is by far the most knowledgeable and the best bread man I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  He can work with a small bakery like mine or super large manufacturing plant in Philippines.   He has been a huge part of helping us grow from a small retail bakery into a medium size wholesale facility and continue to work with us to stay innovative and consistent with our product.   A wonderful teacher and a great friend.  Changed my baking life forever and I blame him for it."

Tarit Tanjasiri
The Crema Café

"I have known Didier Rosada for over a  decade, and seen firsthand how he assists bakers with bettering their technique and their products – including me and my staff.  We’re proud of the products we have, and Didier still showed us some ways to make them better.  He also helped us develop both rye and multigrain breads that have become some of our most popular loaves, new rolls for sandwiches, and generally improved efficiency.  

A professional consultant and educator with very high standards, he’s demonstrated products and techniques in a hands-on, understandable manner, and made sure my staff and I had both the knowledge and the practical understanding in place.  I’d proudly recommend Didier to anyone needing a bakery consultant."

William Leaman
Bakery Nouveau

"My partner and I started a bakery in Australia in 2012 with no previous experience in owning and running a business let alone a Boutique Artisan Bakery. We needed some help and guidance which was hard to find locally but thanks to the internet we made contact with Didier who was thankfully willing to assist us.

Five years have gone by and we are now a much more sophisticated, mature, confident and professional outfit. Over the years through site visits to Australia and us visiting him Didier has been able to identify to us our blind spots and areas of risk in running our bakery and help us implement new strategic processes and equipment.  This has been invaluable. 

Didier questions our methods, processes and future plans but congratulates us on the things we are doing right.  His approach, professionalism and experience in the baking industry is an invaluable asset to us.  We hope to be working with him ongoing in the future as our company grows."

Danny Berkovitch,
Woodfrog Bakery